Become a Heart & Soul Coach

Community Heart & Soul Coaches help residents in small cities and towns across the U.S. identify what they love most about their community, the future they want for it, and how to achieve it.

Why Become a Heart & Soul Coach?

Coaches play a vital role in supporting a community’s Heart & Soul effort by serving as a trainer, facilitator, consultant, and advocate throughout the process.

Thomaston Upson Community Heart & Soul celebration
"Your Voice Matters" parade float at Heart & Soul community event

Create lasting change in communities

Girls writing on chalkboard at Heart & Soul event

Develop new skills to guide resident engagement

Heart & Soul networking event

Grow your professional network

Mt. Blanchard Heart & Soul community event

Learn from experienced professionals

Heart & Soul networking event

Expand your income

What You’ll Learn

Participants in the Community Heart & Soul Coach Training Program will:


the fundamentals of the Community Heart & Soul model through self-paced online lessons


the role of a Heart & Soul Coach through a series of live virtual workshops


to promote Community Heart & Soul to small cities and towns


to facilitate the Heart & Soul model in a community

Complete certification in 12 weeks

Start Your Journey

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Recording of Overview of the Community Heart & Soul
Coach Training Program
April 19, 2021

The Community Heart & Soul staff and coach cohort have been an incredible asset to my professional life, helping me build a toolkit that I can use to promote the guiding principles in each unique community I work with. The rewards from becoming a Heart & Soul Coach, both professionally and personally, are unparalleled.

— HILLARY ACKERMAN, Certified Community Heart & Soul Coach