South Carolina

Kershaw, South Carolina

We're thrilled that Kershaw, one of the newest additions to the Heart & Soul network, is off and running! Be sure to check back in the future - we’ll post updates and links as they progress in their Heart & Soul journey.

Located in South Carolina, we’ve partnered with the Arras Foundation, formerly J. Marion Sims Foundation, to bring Community Heart & Soul directly to the town of Kershaw. During the initial two years of the Heart & Soul Kershaw program, youth and adults will engage in a series of conversations, community mappings, and other creative activities for the purpose of identifying our common interests and values. At the end of this phase, Kershaw Heart & Soul will create a clear values and vision statement for the Kershaw community. The Heart & Soul process will design a plan that can guide community decision-making processes for the future of the area.

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