Crawford, Colorado

The North Fork Heart & Soul believed there is a better and more inclusive way to move forward together in the Valley and to make decisions that take into account the diversity of experience, knowledge, and understanding people have about where they live - about what makes this place home. Heart and Soul provides a path towards building thriving places where we as citizens steer the future of the North Fork Valley. We are a group of local residents, officials, and volunteers from the North Fork Valley who want to learn about what all our neighbors think matters most about where we live and where we are headed; about the common goals we share in our communities and for our local economy; and about how to protect and celebrate the heritage of the North Fork Valley.

What We Do

Developed and field-tested over a decade in partnership with small cities and towns, Community Heart & Soul is a proven model for engaging a community in shaping its future.
By following this four phase, step-by-step model, residents are able to bring the community together to chart a course forward that recognizes the unique character of the place and the emotional connection of the people who live there.

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