Ambridge, Pennsylvania

We're thrilled that Ambridge, one of the newest additions to the Heart & Soul network, is off and running! Be sure to check back in the future - we’ll post updates and links as they progress in their Heart & Soul journey.

In February 2020, we partnered with the Pennsylvania Humanities Council to bring Community Heart & Soul® to the town of Ambridge. The Ambridge community will build their own local Community Heart & Soul® leadership team with regional coordination and support from the Beaver County Planning Commission.

Ambridge borough (pop. 7,050) was established in 1824 by the Harmony Society and officially incorporated in 1905. Its 1.7 square miles are loaded with history, including the Old Economy Village which was acquired by the state of Pennsylvania as its first historical site in 1916. In addition to annual events and celebrations, the community boasts a library, a theater, churches, and many established family businesses. Ambridge is wonderfully diverse and starting to undergo a welcome revitalization that includes investment in key public infrastructure like parks and downtown improvements.

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