Seed Grant FAQs

What do you consider a “small city or town?”

Community Heart & Soul Seed Grants are available to cities and towns with populations between 2,500 and 30,000 that have not already begun Community Heart & Soul.

What is the total cost to bring Community Heart & Soul to my city or town?

There is no charge to use the Community Heart & Soul model. Most communities budget around $15,000 for engagement and programmatic costs. Additional funds are needed to pay for project coordination and services provided by a Heart & Soul Coach. The Community Heart & Soul Seed Grant Guidelines provide a detailed budget.

How much municipal involvement is needed?

It is important for community leaders to be engaged in Community Heart & Soul. Applicants are expected to secure commitment from the local governing body via an official resolution. For Community Heart & Soul to be the most effective, it needs bottom-up and top-down engagement.

How long does it take to implement Community Heart & Soul?

About 18 months to two years.

How does Community Heart & Soul dovetail with a Comprehensive Planning process that we need to do by law?

It dovetails well. Community Heart & Soul can serve as the outreach arm of the comprehensive planning process to gather deeper, more meaningful information from the community, including from residents not previously involved. Many Comprehensive Planning Committees and Heart & Soul Teams will overlap so they can work together.

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